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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce Viscount?
Viscount is pronounced \vye -cou̇nt\ (the 's' is silent). Originally called 'vice comes', for the attendant of a count, this is the rarest of the modern Italian nobiliary titles, almost unknown in some regions. The younger son of a viscount, and the heir before succession to the title, is a nobile dei visconti di (seat), namely a noble of the viscounts" of some place. The standard crest coronet of a viscount is a jewelled circlet of gold surmounted by five visible pearls, the middle and outer ones supported by stems, the remaining two rendered in a smaller diameter and set directly upon the rim. The owner's family held this title many years ago in Italy and this is the reason behind the store's name.
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Why do you close at 7pm?
Hours of operation are dictated by individual counties within NY State. Dutchess County Law states that we must close at 7pm. Holiday closures are also decided by the individual counties. This is why you may find that we are closed when other stores in surrounding counties are open.
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Why can't you sell beer?
The New York State Liquor Authority issues many different types of liquor licenses denpending on what you will be selling and how it will be consumed. A retail wine and liquor store in NY is only allowed to sell very specific products limited to what is defined as wine and spirits. Any alcoholic product that is considered a malt beverage (beer, wine coolers, etc.) is not permitted to be sold at a wine and liquor store.
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What accessories are you allowed to sell?
The type of accessories that we are allowed to sell is regulated by the NY State Liquor Authority and is limited to the following: Wine Glasses, Wine Stoppers, Corkscrews, Wine Preservation Systems, and Pre-made Gift Baskets.
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Why can't you sell food items and cigarettes?
This is also regulated by the NY State Liquor Authority. The separation of license types in our state keeps wine and spirits from being sold in grocery stores and, conversely, keeps food and cigarettes from being sold at a retail wine and liquor store.
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What should I do with my used bags and nets?
We encourage all of our customers to bring their bags and nets back to Viscount whenever possible. We make every attempt to re-use them rather than have them end up in the gargabe. Additionally, you save money on your purchase. Use a re-usable canvas bag and save even more! The following amounts will be deducted from your purchase:

$.01 for every bottle net
$.05 for every plastic bag
$.10 for every canvas bag

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