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TAYLOR FLADGATE 1863 Single-Harvest Porto
Now Available at Viscount!!!!!

1863. President Lincoln is in office. The Civil War is in full force with historic battles fought at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and Vicksburg. In Sacramento, California, ground is broken for the first Transcontinental Railroad. The first operational submarine, the USS Hunley, sinks during a test. Arizona and Idaho are organized as U.S. territories and West Virginia is admitted to the Union as the 35th State. Here in the Empire State the Brooklyn, Bath and Coney Island Rail Road begins operations along a route that is now the oldest right-of-way on the present day New York City Subway. And somewhere in the Douro Valley region in Portugal, a cask of port wine is placed into a cellar where it will age gracefully under perfect conditions for over a hundred and fifty years… Viscount is proud to offer an extraordinary and very limited bottling of Taylor Fladgate's 1863 Single Harvest Porto. We managed to secure two bottles of this once-in-a-lifetime pre-phylloxera porto and when it's gone, it is gone forever. It's hard to establish a value for something this rare—some would say priceless—but we are offering this exquisite wine at just $4,500 per bottle.

From the estate:
“Taylor’s Single Harvest 1863, drawn from the firm’s collection of very rare and valuable cask aged Ports, represents a unique piece of wine history. Like a time capsule, it offers a fascinating glimpse into a distant past.

The harvest of 1863 was one of the finest of the nineteenth century and the last great Port vintage before Phylloxera spread throughout the Douro Valley.

Matured for over a century and a half in oak casks, the Taylor’s Single Harvest 1863 has achieved an exceptional level of density and complexity while displaying a vitality and freshness remarkable in a wine of this age. In addition, the cool and tranquil environment of the Port lodges in Oporto has allowed the wine to retain its harmony and balance.

The Taylor’s Single Harvest 1863 is presented in a bespoke crystal decanter, specially produced in Italy, with an individually fitted glass stopper engraved and polished by hand in Scotland.  The decanter is displayed in a superb luxury box finished in maple burl veneer.   Each box contains a certificate individually signed by Taylor’s Managing Director, Adrian Bridge”

Taylor’s tasting notes:
“Deep mahogany core with a narrow amber-olive rim. On the nose, a succession of subtle spicy aromas opens up against a dense backdrop of treacle and molasses. Notes of sawn oak and vanilla give way to a spicy surge of nutmeg, black pepper and ginger. Gradually the rich, sumptuous aromas of age emerge, walnut, marzipan, butterscotch and mocha followed by rich figgy plum-pudding notes. On the palate, the wine is in perfect balance, with sweetness and acidity in perfect harmony and beautifully integrated spirit. On the mid-palate the wine releases a burst of opulent mellow flavour which is lifted by a crisp acidity as it flows into the endless finish. A wine of extraordinary depth and background which continues to astonish with multiple layers and dimensions of aroma.”